Building Single-Family Rental Communities.

The managing members provide specialized knowledge about local market conditions, including existing relationships with municipalities, property owners, subcontractors, and suppliers.

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Greyzdorf Rental Communities

Greyzdorf Communities will have luxury in-home finishes, with ponds, fitness centers and walking trails.

Newly Build-To-Rent Portfolios

Greyzdorf is deploying a new platform that allows a rental portfolio buyer to set their own cap rate.

Multifamily Partnerships

Expertise in the multifamily sector with focus on land development, building, management and selling.

Land Development Platforms

Raw land development for residential rental communities, multifamily, retail and commercial.

17 Nov 03 | Greyzdorf LLC

Greyzdorf Forms Greyzdorf Communities To Build Two Single Family Residential Communities In Hall County, Georgia

One 256-home community will be located in Gainesville, Georgia and another 130-home community will be in Flowery Branch, Georgia.



7,500+ Single-family Homes Built

Greyzdorf Signature Homes

Our Executive Team

As both builder and developer Greyzdorf Signature Homes have a highly-experienced development team with a profundity of experience ranging from ground up development, redevelopments, and property renovations for both multifamily, student housing and single family houses. Greyzdorf Signature Homes development team possesses over 130 years of mixed experience and has made well over 9 million square feet of commercial, multifamily and 7,500 single family homes. Greyzdorf Signature Homes development expertise includes design, construction (including sustainable construction).



Mr. Manson is an Attorney and a former CPA and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.



Mr. Phillips has 50+ years in construction and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.



Mr. Cramb has 35+ years in construction and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.



Mr. Colquitt has 33+ years in construction and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.



Mr. Turner has 15+ years in construction and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.



Mr. Assad has 28+ years in construction and a Managing Member of Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC.

Newly Build-To-Rent Single-Family Portfolios

Newly built single-family detached homes

A new platform that allows a single-family rental portfolio buyer to set their own cap rate.

  • Newly built single-family homes.
  • A desired rent amount choice.
  • Property management.
  • Advance tenant marketing.


Since the homes are vacant, there’s flexibility in deciding the rent rate.

  • Advance tenant marketing.
  • Blanket mortgage if required.
  • The portfolios consist of newly built single-family detached homes

    These portfolios consist of not currently sold homes built in completed subdivisions throughout metro Atlanta, Georgia. The home values will be inspected and appraised on a individual home to house basis. Prior to the sale, each assessment will be regularized by a certified, licensed Georgia appraiser's evaluation report.

    Investors stand to save on low early maintenance and repair costs.

    Newly built homes can demand 5% to 8% more rent than older homes.

    Many millennials looking to live in a home are renting rather than owning.

    Build-To-Suit Project Works

    J. Harold Phillips Lead Commercial Construction Contractor | Builder | Developer


    Residential Subdivision Communities | Multi-Family Communities | Commercial Development

    Build-To-Rent Partnership

    Partnership | Your solution to your rental real estate needs. We will do complete build-to-rent projects including: design, construction and financing - and offer you the option to lease or purchase.

    Joint Venture | You supply the land, Greyzdorf Signature Homes supplies the planning and construction and we agree on a share of the profits based upon land value and construction prices.

    Greyzdorf Signature Homes offers a unique investment structure that allows a company to partner with Greyzdorf in the acquisition or development of a rental project for that business to own. Greyzdorf Signature Homes Partnership Opportunity Team can offer:

    Residential Communities

    We specialize in developing single-family residential and multifamily residential, including affordable housing. Over the last few years we have built apartments, townhouses and houses.

    Student Housing

    Our student housing evolved from years of experience in producing a wide change of residential projects, cost-effective project design and innovative transaction structures.


    We generally focus on the investment and/or development of garden style and urban in-fill multifamily housing containing a minimum of 200 units.

    17 Jan 06 | The Wall Street Journal

    Developers Build on Home Rental Success With Whole Communities

    "The new rental communities look identical to for-sale projects, with pools, fitness centers and walking trails. But they are operated like apartment complexes, with management handling maintenance, lawn care and leasing".


    17 Feb 13 | HomeUnion

    2017 National Single-Family Rental Research Report

    We are pleased to present our 2017 Single-Family Rental Report to help guide your successful real estate investment strategy this year. In this report, we share the results of our extensive research on major markets, economic conditions, and other factors that influence the balance of risk versus reward on single-family rentals across the country. We’re confident that the right single-family investment assets are available for you, regardless of your financial goals.


    17 Feb 27 | Greyzdorf Signature Homes

    Greyzdorf Maximizes Your 1031 Exchange

    "Greyzdorf Signature Homes 1st 1031 Improvement Exchange is a stabilized $4,339,800 portfolio of twenty-one (21) single family rental properties and we maintain the property management"


    17 Apr 06 | Greyzdorf Signature Homes

    Build-to-Suit Residential Rental Communities

    "Greyzdorf Signature Homes announced today the opening of their Build-to-Suit Residential Rental Communities Partnership Platform."


    17 Apr 10 | Greyzdorf Signature Homes

    A 1031 Tax Exchange That’s Also the Buyer

    "The 1st 1031 Tax Exchange Of Its Kind."


    17 May 18 | CNBC

    Real estate CEO: Record-low housing inventory is 'freaking us out'

    "It's a new landlord nation where everybody is renting out their basement."


    17 May 22 | Bloomberg News

    Foreclosures Dry Up and a Hot Wall Street Trade Gets New Look

    The bet behind the build-to-rent boom is that there are enough people who dream of the detached-house life but can’t afford to buy into it.


    17 May 24 | Builder Magazine

    Single-Family Rental Investors Turn to New Home Construction

    While newly-constructed homes often cost more than used or distressed sales, investors stand to save on low early maintenance and repair costs, and newer homes can demand 5% to 8% more rent than older homes.


    17 Jun 19 | Greyzdorf LLC

    Investment Home Construction Capital At No Cost

    This program functions best for an investor that owns an investment property or fully platted lot free-and-clear and in demand of capital for construction.


    17 Jul 19 | The New York Times

    Freddie Mac Follows Fannie Mae To Rental Market, With Affordability As Goal

    When the government-controlled mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae agreed this year to guarantee a $1 billion financing deal for one of the biggest private-equity-backed landlords in the United States, the move prompted an outcry.