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Greyzdorf Communities

Greyzdorf is building four single-family rental communities in 2018. There is one in Newton, County and three more in Hall County, Georgia.

Being built with craftsmanship, our homes will feature thoughtful designs with inspired kitchens, luxury finishes and energy-efficiency innovation. Our resort-style amenities will offer for recreation, fitness, quiet relaxation, and fun gatherings with family and friends. On site professional management teams will exceed expectations, giving our Renter personalized service to ensure carefree living. Our creative land plans and luxury amenities bring neighbors together, so tenants can meet, socialize and celebrate life.


Greyzdorf LLC gives regional and national home builders an 100% LTV cash out refinance opportunity to clear their unsold new construction inventory in completed subdivisions throughout the metro Atlanta.

The value of the new construction, single family detached home needs to be between $180, 000 to $250,000, and still in the builder's credit facility.

Supported by a major private-equity firm specializing in single family assets, underwriting, and construction loan refinancing can be completed in 30 days. Builders can process the transaction as a fully executed sale subject to our terms and conditions.  

Why Choose Us for Refinance Asset Management

100% LTV refinance opportunity to clear unsold new construction inventory

Asset Management

100% LTV cash out underwriting and construction loan refinancing is done by a major private equity partner.

Major Home builders

Clear unsold new construction inventory in completed subdivisions throughout metro Atlanta up to $25,000,000 annually.


Under our Refinance, Asset Management Agreement, Greyzdorf LLC bears all financial responsibilities.

Our Company

We plan, design, build AND Manage entry-level single family rental home communities

property Management

Greyzdorf Management is the exclusive property manager for all construction projects built by Greyzdorf Signature Homes.

Rental Communities

Greyzdorf Communities in Georgia will have resort-style amenities, luxury in-home finishes, with fitness centers and walking trails.

LAND Development

Greyzdorf Signature Homes raw land development for residential rental communities, multifamily, retail and commercial.


As a real estate developer, Greyzdorf LLC buys land, decide the marketing of the property, develop the building program and design, obtain the necessary public approval and financing, build the structures, and rent out, manage, and ultimately sell it.

As a developer and builder, we choose to buy a property with the plans and permits in place so that we do not accept the danger of failing to receive planning approval for beginning construction of the development immediately.


Through our Asset-Management Program, builder construction loans are refinanced at their full appraisal value. Builders can process the transaction as a fully executed sale subject to our terms and conditions. Under our Refinance, Asset-Management Agreement, Greyzdorf LLC bears all financial responsibilities for the conversion to rentals.

The Refinance, Asset-Management program is intended for a minimum of 10 homes a month for 12 months totaling 120 houses.

Build FoR rent (BFR)

As both builder and developer Greyzdorf Signature Homes have a highly-experienced development team with a profundity of experience ranging from ground up development, redevelopments, and property renovations for both multifamily, student housing and single-family houses. Greyzdorf Signature Homes development team possesses over 130 years of mixed experience, and over 7,500 single-family homes built.

Greyzdorf Signature Homes development expertise includes design and construction.

the Team


Greyzdorf LLC is made up of executives, including an Attorney and former CPA with over 45 years of experience providing strategic guidance and leadership. The executives have leadership experience in corporate finance, operations, entrepreneurial development, and startups. The Greyzdorf Asset Management Platform is underwritten, and the new home cash out refinancing is done with a Major Private-Equity Partner.

Greyzdorf Signature Homes, LLC is owned and managed by homebuilders and a land developer. The members have built over 7,500 home with more than 130 years of combined home building experience. The managing members provide specialized knowledge of local market conditions, including existing relationships with municipalities, property owners, subcontractors, and suppliers.

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