2017 National Single-Family Rental Research Report

Markets in the Opportunity Ranking provide a strong balance of supply/demand fundamentals while offering favorable entry prices and limited threats. The metros highlighted in this ranking were measured using cap rates and entry prices, as well as projected job growth in 2017. Markets with high construction are penalized in the opportunity ranking due to elevated risk of competition.

Two major metros in the Southeast earned top billing on this list: Atlanta and Orlando. Both metros continue to benefit from strong job growth, and an exodus of retirees trading cold-weather climates for warmer alternatives.

Developers Build on Home Rental Success With Whole Communities

Property developers are pouncing on sustained demand for stand-alone home rentals by taking a big step: Building entire single-family neighborhoods designed for renters.

When the housing market crashed, investors took advantage by buying low-price homes in foreclosure in order to rent them out to tenants. That demand has proven brisk.